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Eileen Exiner
a/k/a Maxine, Carla, The Grumpy Waitress
and Dear Friend
March 24, 1944-Oct. 12, 2014

Fr. Pat used to joke with John about keeping someone on the payroll to talk with customers from behind the bar. One can only imagine the conversations they’re having today. …

It’s just that we can’t imagine that we won’t be having anymore of those conversations with her. Eileen loved to talk – and you were never quite sure what she was going to say.

Her salty wit and wisdom – which personified the phrase “Tell it like it is” and often prompted a response of “Oh, Eileen!” – earned her those various nicknames. But despite that sometimes rough exterior, inside was a genuine and generous woman with a heart of gold.

Although a hard-worker, she loved the beach and would have turned in her tray in a heartbeat for the chance to rank the world’s resorts. She loved slot machines, too. Once in Vegas she asked us to order her dessert while she went to the bathroom. John and I were beginning to get concerned that she was gone so long. But eventually she found her way back to us with a bucket of quarters in hand. Yep, she got sidetracked … and might have even forgotten about the restroom, too.

Cruises were a natural draw, and we were blessed to have shared several with Eileen and her mother, Wilma – and once with her sister, Pat, too. Not only do cruises combine beaches and gambling, they offer the opportunity to be on the other side of the table. She was amazed that anyone could smile and repeatedly say, “It would be my pleasure” to multiple diners’ unending requests …

Yes, as easily as Eileen could put a child running amuck in the restaurant in his place, she could become a counselor and confidant to a customer – or a friend. Over the past 16 years, she’s helped educate many young people who have come through our doors as bus boys and girls. After-shift chats about politics or problematic patrons offered an opportunity to share candid comments with lots of humor.

First, Fr. Pat and a year and six days later, Eileen. The restaurant will never be the same.

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